Foodie Friday: Superbowl Edition


Pre-Game Goodies

When you’re a true fan, the lead-up to the main event is just as compelling as the game itself. Check your local TV listings to see when the pre-game show starts, and make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks on hand to fuel your guests until kickoff.

Football Classics

There’s something about football that makes us want to eat with our hands, and we’re not talking about delicate tea cakes. No sir. We reach for pizza, hot wings, hearty dips and hefty sandwiches. Drinks are easy: just keep plenty of beer on ice. And for dessert, how about football-shaped sugar cookies iced in team colors?

Super Bowl® Brews

What would a Super Bowl party be without beer?

Along with an impressive spread, beer is an essential part of the side-line action. While some football fans will care less what kind of beer they drink as long as it’s cold, many will prefer a variety to choose from.

Pale, Amber, Brown, Dark

Your best bet in planning a party is to supply a range of beers–from light (lagers and pilsners) to dark (porters and stouts)–to match everyone’s tastes and to complement the entire Game Day smorgasbord.

Flavor Pairings

Keep in mind as you choose brews for the big event that certain beers taste better with different kinds of food.

  • Dark chocolaty stout is the perfect accompaniment for fried foods like fish and chips, while crisp, light Mexican beer with a squeeze of lime works great with chips and salsa or chili.
  • Flavorful ales are usually a safe bet because they are not too dark or too light, and they go well with most food. If you are on a budget, cases of beer or a keg might be the way to go. Either way, it’s always best to plan the game day menu before you head to the grocery store.
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